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Do you own a single family home or condominium, and need to find the right renter for your property? RPM helps independent home owners to market their property and maintain the rental. Our team are experts in reducing maintenance costs and keeping tenants satisfied, which ultimately results in more cashflow.

Investors & Multi-Units

Maintaining a real estate portfolio often proves exhausting. From screening new tenants to handling emergency repair calls, keeping your properties running efficiently demands both time and energy. At RPM our talented team tackles the responsibilities of maintaining your rentals for you. Never again stress about the challenges posed by your tenants. Entrust your investments to the pros and let us help your property cashflow.

Seasonal Homeowners

Spending some time away from Palm Springs and the desert? Turn to the team at RPM to find the perfect short-term tenant for your rental home. Our team will ensure the home is in tip top condition, advertise your property to the masses, and find a qualified renter who will treat your rental as if it were their own.

Real Estate Agents

Tackling the challenges of effective property management often proves difficult for busy realtors, and a single missed call or repair request could have serious repercussions. Protect your relationship with your client, and entrust the rental responsibilities to us. We'll work to find the right tenants for the property and keep the home looking great. When the property is ready to sell, we'll refer clients back to you. It's a win-win for everybody involved.

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