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"Straight forward Pricing and Shorter
Vacancies are just the beginning"
– John Xepoleas, Broker Owner

With Canyon Lakes Property Management, you get
The Right Rent in less than 29 Days
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We have designed a marketing & leasing system gets you the Right Rental Rate without letting your property sit vacant. In addition our system finds qualified tenants in less than 29 days, in most cases. We thoroughly screen tenants which results in low eviction rates and longer tenant retention.

  • FREE Market Rent Analysis
  • Rent Ready Support
  • Advertising on over 50 popular rental websites
  • Showings 7 day a week by dedicated Agent
  • Rigorous Tenant Screening (Credit, Criminal, Income, Rental History and More...)


Hassle Free Full Service Property Management

Our Full Service Property Management System is designed to take the hassle out of owning rental property. Our team of licensed professional handle it all, all you have to do is check your monthly statement and receive a monthly check. For more information download our system brochure.

  • Rental Agreement Execution and Enforcement
  • Online tenant rent collection
  • Fast ACH/Direct Deposit Owner Draws
  • 24/7 Cost Effective Maintenance
  • Regular Property Inspection
  • Online 24/7 Owner Financial Reporting
  • Legal Guidance and Eviction Support
Affordable Plans, with No LongTerm Contract
Xepco Plans

Tired of the headaches that come with managing your rental property? We’ve got it handled. Choose one of our Affordable Management Plans to help you deal with managing your property. Our fees range from 4.9% and up depending on property type and service level. Our contracts are on a month to month basis and can be cancelled at anytime with 30 day notice. For more information download  the management plans brochure.

  • No upfront fees
  • Never any hidden fees
  • Straightforward pricing plans
  • No long term contracts
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Signed a 1-Year lease with RPM December of 2016, for a lovely 2-Bdrm/2-Btrm Condo in Indian Hills....Process was effortless,
Richard S.
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I rarely take the time out of my busy days to sit down and write a review, but I thought the experience I had deserved to be shared.
Bret M.
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Signed a 1-Year lease with RPM December of 2016, for a lovely 2-Bdrm/2-Btrm... Process was effortless, and the Staff very friendly
Richard Sawaya
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Wonderful people... They are a great property management team. They are quick to fox repairs. I had a great experience...
Janine Moore
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Coachella Property Management

Coachella is a quiet community in Riverside County that has seen its population grow rapidly in the new millennium. In spite of this new growth, Coachella itself remains a relatively small town and an oasis from some of the hustle and bustle in other parts of the Coachella Valley. The city's affordable housing options and close proximity to nearby agricultural operations have long made Coachella a popular option for working class families .

Most of Coachella's commercial activity takes place on Harrison Street and Grapefruit Boulevard, the city's main throughways. Coachella has a strong Hispanic influence, as the area once attracted many immigrants. These historic ties are notably present in Pueblo Viejo, the historic older portion of the city. Coachella also celebrates multiple festivals and events throughout the year, including large Cinco de Mayo and Fiestas Patrias parties.

Purchasing Coachella Rentals

The population of Coachella has doubled since 2000, creating a massive need for new housing. To meet this need, many developers have built single family homes and apartment complexes. In spite of this, the lack of housing options has made for a tight rental market with an extremely limited supply of available units.

With a large pool of potential tenants and population slated to continue growing, investing in Coachella housing could prove a valuable proposition for motivated investors.

Working with a Coachella Property Management Team

Of course, turning a profit in a Coachella rental is often easier said than done. Property management comes with countless challenges—from finding qualified tenants for the unit to responding to maintenance requests and processing rent checks, many investors find management can quickly become a full-time job.

Working with a trusted Coachella property management team offers a convenient solution for local landlords. At RPM Desert Cities, we've helped countless property owners to get more out of their rental homes. Our team understands the challenges of the Coachella rental market, and we make continual suggestions to help our clients maximize the return on their investments.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a free consultation with our team to learn how we can help you meet your financial goals.

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